Hee hee! We got a coupon last year from the Jordan's Furniture Monster Payback when we purchased our couch. We decided we'd use it for a loveseat. We finally got into the store to order it - and all my months of bugging Brad for a recliner paid off. We ordered a reclining one! :) I'm so excited.

This the exact one, color and everything. We stayed with stock color because it was cheaper, and it matched our livingroom anyway. Also, we didn't get the power option, which saved us $200.


  1. Ooh I love it! I can imagine you being pretty cozy on it :-)

  2. My heart yearns for a proper couch. Kinda sick of the vintage one we have. I thought it had charm, but it just has discomfort, haha. Congrats on the reclining love seat! I didn't even know they made reclining love seats....

  3. Kara - I'm so excited about the loveseat! :) Our couch is great too - we'd had a very soft, big poofy one for about 9 years that we finally got rid of right before we moved out of our condo, and the new one is great. Comfy without being huge and sinky. The loveseat was similar - it wasn't all sunk in from people sitting on it all day, and I like that it doesn't really look like a least not as much as all the other ones in the store!