I don't know when it happened exactly, but I can no longer see my lady bits.

I now weigh more than my husband. By three pounds.

News flash internet! Most pregnant moms who post about finding out the sex of their unborn child and use the word gender instead of sex are not intentionally being disrespectful of transgender people. You don't need to constantly tell them their stoopid because of it.

Finally, the list of foods to avoid while pregnant is a mile long and growing. You cannot avoid everything when you're pregnant! That is why kids today have so many food allergies!!! There was a question on whether cookie dough ice cream was safe when pregnant. Really?! Guess who has been chowing down on cookie dough ice cream lately? Yup. And I intend to have a nice sushi dinner with Shannon sometime soon. Oh, Oh, AND I eat soybeans!!!! OMG!

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