I'm back. Was a weird trip. Plan to write a proper update or two tonight, but am swamped at work and have to mail out a package to Australia tonight (groan, I hate customs forms!) and grocery shop and pick up Gizmo from Mom's, so it will be awhile!

Off to a meeting at a local hotel. (Another groan).


  1. Can't wait to hear all about it!
    But in the meantime... WELCOME HOME! :-)

  2. Welcome back!

    USPS international shipping is EVIL! I swear, they're just trying to punish us all for not living in the US (& punish those who do live in the US for knowing people outside the US)!

  3. Julia - I know! They say I can't ship jewelry but they really mean more expensive jewelry, not the stuff I sell. But what a pain it is to fill out the customs forms. I have to write something like costume accessories on it. And I can't do it through paypal unless I do priority (at about $25), so I have to go to the post office. Pain in the ass!

  4. WTF? That's so stupid! I've been looking at different types of baby carriers online (slings & wraps, mostly) because hardly any are made/sold in Aus & the US companies not only have far more variety, but are WAY cheaper (think 1/4 the cost in most cases) - the catch is, the postage is insane! One place that I was looking at, the wrap (so, literally, a long, stretchy piece of fabric) costs $40 & the shipping to Aus is $60! How does that even make sense?

    (What's really crazy though, is that even with the ridiculous postage, the carriers from the US *still* work out to be far cheaper than the Aus ones! So I have to deal with USPS in order to save money & have a choice of something other than white, black or navy)