Poll: Nursery color

I'm struggling with a tough decision.

I was going to paint the nursery yellow, with blue being the accent color (bedding, curtains, etc).

But there isn't a hint of yellow in the bedding, so now I'm considering a mint green.

So help me decide! The poll is on the top right of my blog!!!

Here's the bedding, as a reminder:

And my two paint options (these are close - I'd probably bring a piece of the bedding to color match)

 PS. Love the new Valspar tool where you can upload a picture to paint. Makes it so much nicer to try to figure out a color!


  1. The yellow makes me think of the sun on the horizon of the water in the bedding. :)

  2. I voted yellow, it really goes well with the bedding even though there isn't any yellow in the bedding.

  3. Well, BEFORE seeing the sample photos I was going to vote mint green all the way. Now that I've seen them, though, it's a really close call.

    I do think the yellow goes extremely well, but the green-lover in me is really pulling for the green. However, I think my final answer is yellow. It seems to go quite well with the bedding, despite the lack of yellow and makes it feel less matchy-matchy/adds depth, y'know?

  4. YELLOW! No question. :) I agree with SB -- it looks like the sun coming up over the horizon. Nice and sunny!