It got even worse

I just got some further clarification on the STD process at my work. The one week of vacation time I have to take before STD pay kicks in? It is PART of the total time allotted by STD. Meaning, instead of 6 weeks STD plus the 1 week vacation I'd been planning on, it's actually 1 week vacation and 5 weeks STD. (Assuming vaginal delivery - I think you get 2 more weeks for a C-Section).

Fuuuuuuuuck. I just emailed Brad and told him to start saving for unpaid leave. Because I won't have any vacation time available after STD ends (you don't earn vacation while on STD), and I'm definitely not ok with going back to work another week earlier than I'd expected. I know lots of people only get 6 weeks off. But around here, most people have enough vacation saved up that they get 10-12 weeks. Brad says his work gives them something like 12 weeks off too, and you don't have to use your vacation time.

I am so not happy this morning.

EDIT: Brad is going to plan for me taking 3-4 weeks unpaid, I guess. I thought 1 or 2 would be enough (giving me 7-8 weeks off total - even though I'd initially expected 8-10) but he just told me he thought 7 was way too short and 8 was pushing it, so to plan for 9 weeks off and he'd budget for 10.

That makes me feel sooooo much better. I don't love that I have to go unpaid, because while we'll manage, it's not really affordable for us to do so. Oh I wish we'd planned things out a little better before getting pregnant. Mostly, the vacation time and this Disney trip.

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