Hip pain/Bladder pain

Two of the latest AWESOME things about pregnancy are extreme pressure/pain when my bladder gets even slightly full, and excruciating hip pain at night.

Seriously, readers, I HATE being pregnant. I am so excited for him to get here, I really am. I love feeling him kick in there and seeing him on ultrasounds and preparing for his arrival. But the rest of it sucks. I don't understand why something that women are built for is so miserable. I want to punch women who say they loved being pregnant. Clearly, they were bitten by the amnesia bug.

Anyway, in Vegas, I'd be drinking a lot of water at the buffets, so afterwards, I'd have to go to the bathroom, and my bladder would seriously go from empty to full in about 30 seconds. No lie. I'd go, and within 3 minutes, have to go again. And walking to the bathroom hurt so much. There was tremendous pressure on my bladder. At a few points I seriously considered crouching in a parking garage to just relieve myself. (I didn't do it, too many cameras).

For several months, I've had hip pain at night off and on. I'd sleep, wake up, and my hip on that side would be sore. This morning was the worst. I woke up at 7am, actually crying out because BOTH hips hurt so badly. Rolling onto my back helps to relieve the pain after several minutes, but I am at the point where lying on my back makes me out of breath so I can't stay there. I checked the tag for hip pain in the pregnant community on LJ and it's common and looks like nothing to be done about it but just keep trying to rearrange pillows and sleeping positions. Seriously though, my hips hurt SO bad. I even brought it into my dream before I woke up.

I know all I do is complain. But I am MISERABLE. I need it to be March already and have him here so I can start feeling better/like myself again.


  1. You can complain all you damn please! :-)

    I'm sorry you're so miserable :-( I just wish I could make it easier for you...

    (unrelated : Also, I've been having a lot of trouble commenting on your posts.. I left a comment on all the last posts, and I think only 1 showed up... this is my second time trying this one, so, I hope it works! and if you get it twice, sorry :-/ )

  2. Hmmm! I only got this one once. What a pain! I publish everything I get so you know if I don't publish it I didn't get it. :(

  3. I'm sorry you're so miserable.
    I was never one of those "Fabulous Glowing" preggos either. I was about as sick as you can get(and live) ;-/ But the result is SO worth it!!

    Here's hoping that the next few months fly by!!
    love ya....mom

  4. Love you mommy! :) If I remember you weren't supposed to be having a third, right? I'm sure glad you did! :)