Garth Brooks review!

I wanted to separate this from the rest of my Vegas recap.

Garth was incredible. When I bought the tickets, I did not know what to expect. I did some research and found out it was going to be just him - no band. I wasn't sure whether I'd enjoy it as much as if he was on stage, in full performance mode, because that's what I'd always wanted to see. (I still hope someday to catch him on tour).

This concert was so much more than I could have hoped for. It was just Garth and a guitar. He opened the show with "Much Too Young," which, funny enough, I'd been singing in my head all week. The show flowed like a story - he did lots of covers of songs that influenced him growing up, starting with the 60's, then 70's and then the 80's and into his own music. He was extremely entertaining with his stories. Very funny, got huge laughs from the audience. Some of the songs he covered were "Mrs. Robinson" and "American Pie." He did "Shameless" by Billy Joel, where he said that Billy Joel was born with 17 fingers because of how complex the music was. He only knew parts of the song on guitar, so where he wasn't able to do the music he just sang his heart out. Huge standing ovation after that one! He did "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor, and that was the first song where you could hear a pin drop in the theater, the audience was so glued to him. They continued to have the same reactions to several other songs that he sung just so beautifully.

A little over halfway through the concert, in the 80's time frame, he brought out his best friend, his wife Trisha Yearwood, and she sung "She's in Love With the Boy," and they did a duet of "Walkaway Joe." They teased each other, flirted, and kissed for the audience. It was adorable watching them. Growing up as a Garth fan, I used to listen to their duets and think that they belonged together. When they eventually did get married (after Garth's divorce) I was thrilled for them.

Some of Garth's songs he performed were "Rodeo," "Thunder Rolls" (with the extra verse of course), "If Tomorrow Never Comes," "That Summer," "Papa loved Mama," and "Unanswered Prayers." He wrapped the show with "Friends in Low Places" (with the extra verse). There were a few others in there but I can't remember them all - for most songs he sung about half of the song, so that he could fit everything in.

He played for two hours straight, and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Brad enjoyed the show too - more the stuff leading up to his own music, because he's not a country fan, but he agreed that he was incredibly entertaining and put on a great show.

I was disappointed at first we weren't allowed to take photos, but after seeing the concert, I'm glad there was a rule (and boy, were the security people on top of anyone even caught checking their cell phones) because when I'm allowed to take pictures I tend to focus on my camera and not the concert. I'm glad I had to focus on Garth because it was one of those performances I didn't want to miss a beat.

I did snap one photo before the concert (the only time they allowed us to take pictures) of the stage setup.

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