Digital Photo Organization

I am about to embark on a new project - organizing the 15,085 photos on my computer. I knew I had a lot of photos, but when I saw that number total in Picasa I totally was blown away.

I have almost all (probably 98% and the other 2% wouldn't be important) of them backed up on my external hard drive. And, while they're partially organized - meaning, I have folders and subfolders for things - they're not nearly as nicely done as they should be. Sometimes if I'm looking for an older photo I have to go back through several folders to find it.

I'd like to get items renamed in a consistent manner, get rid of the junk/duplicates, and if possible, tag them. (Not like facebook name tags, but tagging them with a word so that I could later look up a bunch of photos that are tagged with that word). Not sure if the tagging is possible with free software though so that might have to wait.

Anyway, I'm starting tonight. When I'm all done...I'll show you some screenshots of a nicely organized photo system! (I hope).

1 comment:

  1. holy bajolies, what an undertaking!
    I often want to do that with mine... but its too daunting! iphoto keeps them tidy, but not really searchable either. And sometimes, thats important!
    good luck! :-)