Crafting with Shannon

So many posts, so little time. 

Shannon came over last night, and we crafted! :) I didn't make too much, just this cute card:

But Shannon worked on this cute baby shower banner for a friend of hers! She had different colors of paper and cardstock that matched the colors of the baby's nursery, along with sketches of little birdies that matched the bedding, and some cute sparkly pink rope that will hang the banner. We used colored eyelets on each of the pieces for the rope to fit through. This is going to be so awesome when it's complete!


  1. Well, I took a few pics when I got home and strung it, but they didn't come out :-(
    I'm glad you got these pics
    But, I gave it to her today, and she loved it! success!

  2. Love the card. And the sign is ADORABLE!!! so cute. Nice job, Shannon!