Craft Show

We had our only craft show on Saturday, and did alright. No big sales but we made about 3 times our table fee so that's fine.

Shannon took my 23 week picture for me:

I was trying to photograph the two dudes dressed up as gingerbread men and caught Brad making a face:

Brad's made up a bunch of birdhouse ornaments and acrylic pens, which I'll be putting up on his Etsy shop over the next few days. There's two birdhouses, two pens, and two peppermills up now, and I have another five to put up for now. He's working on more for his next show in two weeks.


  1. I see a striking resemblance between Brad and that little red bird!

  2. it showing up red on your screen? it's purple! :)

  3. Ah! Those birdhouses are ADORABLE!

  4. Yeah, on all three of my screens it's burgundy!
    He's cute, either way. And looks grumpy!