Craft show this weekend

Any of my local readers, I just wanted to remind everyone we have a craft show this coming weekend, if you want to swing by:

St. Catherine's Annual Craft Fair
Saturday, November 20th, 2010
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
107 North Main Street
Westford, MA 01886

Also, the hip pain, while off and on for the past few months, has now been constant this week. I tried switching positions, using pillows between my legs, even laying only half on my side/half on my back. I don't know what to do. :( Brad's offered to sleep on the couch again to give me more room to flop around but I can't have him sleeping on the couch for the next four months, even if he's sweet enough to be willing to do it for me. Ugh. I hate it. It really hurts. I wake up several times throughout the night just aching in my sides. Both sides too, doesn't matter which one I'm laying on, they both hurt. 

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