23 Week Ultrasound

Had our ultrasound today, and the placenta has moved completely away! :) All is on board for a healthy vaginal delivery :)

Baby is measuring perfectly - not too big, not too small. Dr. Travias (the best one!) measured my belly too, and he said everything is absolutely perfect. My blood pressure is "phenomenal," and the heartbeat is in the 150's still. Just perfect! :)

We got to see his face this time (second picture above is his face with his right hand towards the top of the picture!) and it's amazing how much more defined he is since 18 weeks. His feet were just adorable! He kept kicking around during the ultrasound, so the tech was having the hardest time getting good shots of his heart but he finally cooperated. :)

He is just awesome.

Next appointment is the dreaded glucose test. But they told me to stick to low carb (protein mostly) the morning of and not to eat like, a cake the night before. I figure I'll do low carb the entire day before and the morning of just to give me better results. I do NOT wish to do the 3 or 5 hour glucose tests if I don't actually have GD.

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  1. Yay! I'm glad he's so perfect! Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will be prefect - lord knows you suffered enough in the first trimester!