Weekend recap

Last post for today. I have close week coming up so I won't have much time to post during the day.

Friday night Brad and I had dinner at the 99, and then after we came home I relaxed with some TV and worked on that wire wrapped necklace I'm making. (I'm hoping to finish that tonight or tomorrow night so that I can finally post my pictures of this project).

Saturday we went to Patriot Place with my brother. This place was huge. We shopped, ate at Five Guys, and visited the Bass Pro Shops, which is a very cool store! We bought A.J. his first Brady shirt - so cute!

Saturday night we celebrated my dad's birthday. After dinner we played a game of Hand and Foot, and then we headed home. I was so wiped when I got back. Vegas next week is going to really kick my ass if I'm not careful.

Today I did laundry and dishes, and then sat around trying to get some inspiration to craft. Made the bee tags, and then started organizing. I did make 3 duct tape matchbook notepads for Summer's table at the craft show. I actually am trying to make a few items to help both of us out - we'd split the profits. She has not made enough stuff for a full table (though she's had 3 months - she just would rather be social than actually make stuff for the show). So I'm making some items that will help her by filling out her table, and help me because I will get some money for the items that sell that I made. I've done some bracelets and the matchbook notepads. I will let her keep whatever she makes on the hair bows I made and I haven't made a decision on the bookmarks yet - it depends on how many I make.

Sigh, what else? Not too much, I guess. Just about to sign off for the night and work on the necklace, and prepare for a long week at work, and then VEGAS and Garth Brooks on Saturday!!! Woo hoo!

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  1. I saw Billy & Elton at that place, so cool!

    Busy weekend though, no wonder you're pooped!