Tuesday ramblings

Just two days until our big ultrasound!!!! I cannot wait! :)

I had a dream the other night that I had a son, and I loved him so much. I taught him to say Mama when he was two days old, and I was all "that's my son!" It actually made me feel just slightly more ok with possibly having a baby boy. (Still hoping for that girl though).

I think it's funny this fruit/veggie ticker I have above. It says the baby is now the size of an onion. It was an avocado. What types of onions do they mean? Because I've seen some avocados much bigger than onions!

Brad's brother comes to visit on Thursday for the weekend. That should be fun. I haven't seen him since the wedding, and he's never seen our new house, as he lives in Georgia. We've (well, Brad has) been cleaning like crazy to prepare.

We (again, Brad) put up some of the Halloween decorations this weekend - we have giant eyeballs for two of the front windows that look soooo creepy at night, plus some tombstones out front, and he's got spider webbing that needs to go over the tombstones and bushes and railing out front. We also have light up skulls for the front walk, and inside we have pumpkin lights that flash and play the Halloween theme. I think we'll be getting a spotlight to shine behind the tombstones. We love Halloween and plan to, over the years, keep adding to our collection and one day have this crazy get up outside for the holiday. I'd love to have a giant grim reaper out front.

That's about it for today. So boring, I know. Two more days and they'll be some exciting news (I hope!)


  1. Can't wait to hear your news! There are joys for both genders. I can only speak to having a boy - but either way you will be so in love with your baby boy or girl. I hope the baby will be cooperative!!

    Looking forward to seeing these Halloween decorations when I come over on Saturday and of course, I'm very excited for scrapbooking and seeing your lil baby bump!!!!

  2. I'm going to drink lots of apple juice (I do in the morning anyway) and have some sugary snacks before I go in so hopefully the baby moves around alot! :)

    Of course, I told Brad I was not leaving until they told me the sex! Haha.

    I am so glad Kimmy's baby is only about 7 weeks ahead of mine, so we'll have babies the same age and they can play together.

    I'm thinking of next year having a Halloween party for all our babies/toddlers!!! :)

  3. I love that idea of a Halloween party for babies/toddlers! Count Cam and me in!

  4. Great! I figure I'll hold it maybe the weekend before Halloween or something so that people aren't obligated to cancel other Halloween plans, you know? :)

    It'll be so fun! Babies in costumes!!!