Teeniest baby kick

At the 16 second mark, there is a tiny lift in the package (a jerky movement, unlike my breathing), that's A.J. kicking. (I felt the kick at the same time internally).

Brad hasn't been around when he's been kicking lately and I wanted to try somehow to show him a kick, so I gave it a shot with what I had lying around beside my bed and it worked!


  1. Oooh - I want to see this but it's not showing up at work! I will have to see it at home. Bummer

  2. It's on facebook too - the one on facebook is wider and you can see the movement a little better.

    Again, it's TINY, so you really have to pay attention or watch a couple of times, but it's there and it excited me!

  3. I saw it I saw it I saw it!!

    So genius of you to show it this way, too :-)

    Sooooo amazing!

  4. Hahah, great! :) I showed it to mom and Heather at lunch and they were excited too. It's so teeny, but so cute! :)