Stamp storage

One of the items on my organizational to do list is to organize the craft room. Of course, I am constantly organizing my craft room in different ways. I think it is because the one true craft storage I really want is too expensive at this time to do. Check these out, they are a crafter's dream.

Best Craft Organizer

So, I must settle for now, with what I can afford and have available to me.

Tonight, I started with organizing my stamps better. I'd previously had them hanging in one of these, but because my stamp collection grew so fast, it isn't really the most efficient option for me anymore.

I created a binder to hold my clear stamps. The carrier sheets are attached to a piece of paper, which is then slid into a page protector. They're organized by theme. Then I took a 3 drawer unit I'd had lying around holding crap, and used one drawer for my stamp pads and clear blocks, and the other two for my rubber stamps.


  1. I definitely need little drawers like that for myself.. I did only have a few stamps that all fit in a tiny plastic box. :-) But now.. I have so many! I wasn't sure if the rubber ones were supposed to be stored rubber side up, or rubber side down, but I think maybe it doesn't matter?

  2. It's so much fun to organize!! Good idea putting the clear stamps in a binder.