Show recommendation

Ever since Kate Gosselin got her own show, I've been avoiding TLC. But I'm hooked already on their newest show, Sister Wives.

For those of you who haven't heard of it, the show is about a dude with three wives and 12 children (number 13 is on the way), that live in Utah. The dude is currently courting a fourth wife, who has three children of her own. And, is much younger than the other three wives, it should be noted.

Initially, I taped it out of curiosity. And by curiosity, I mean, I wanted to know what they had to say about their husband sleeping with two other women. But having watched a few episodes now, I dig this family. If you forget the whole polygamy thing...they're normal people. The kids dress normally, and they support their children if they don't want to grow up and be part of the polygamist lifestyle. They seem really nice (though the husband comes off as a bit of a tool. Just...kinda dumb surfer dude looking).

I'm totally enjoying the show, and I would recommend checking out an episode or two.


  1. I taped it out of curiosity, too. I watched the first episode last night and it's actually pretty interesting! I love the fact that the family is so...normal...for lack of a better term. They don't mind if their children choose a different religion (or no religion at all) as long as they're happy. They're so open-minded. It's really surprising (but in a good way!). I'm looking forward to watching more episodes.

  2. Lizzie - me too. I watched the Duggars specials before they had their own show (and a few random episodes since) and I am constantly put off by the dressing alike and no dancing, etc type of lifestyle they live..(not to mention the umpteen children). I was pleasantly surprised to like this family.

  3. Let me tell you! I was always against this whole more than one wife thing, but now that I have a baby my mind has changed! LOL! I'm SOOOO busy! I can't keep up with anything! And you know how men are, they can't clean up after themselves and if they do you have to go back over it anyways because they can't do it right to start with! Hee hee! And sex? What is that again?? I don't have time for sex anymore! I can't even tell if I'm coming or going! I'm so busy with housework, baby, and keeping up with the husband. Seriously I need a wife just for myself! LOL!

  4. Exactly! The Duggars are just so off-putting compared to this family! This family is so accepting of others - they don't have that pompous vibe that the Duggars give off.