Review: Pregnant in America

Rent this if you want an EXTREMELY biased view of the healthcare system with regard to pregnancy in America.

While the movie did give me some things to discuss with my doctor (the use of pitocin, c-sections, and epidurals), the whole movie focused solely on the negatives of all of these (and other) things, and NONE of the potential benefits.

I am not stupid - I realize there are risks involved with all of these, but there are also risks to the things this movie pushed - natural birth against medical advice, homebirth, etc. The movie did not discuss the risks of these. Instead, it put them on a pedestal, and basically said doctors don't know what they are doing and are totally selfish and only want you to give birth when it's convenient for them.

Forget that there are doctors out there that DO encourage drug-free births, or VBACs. This movie made a generic statement that doctors and any births other than completely natural are unnecessary and the OMG WORST THING EVER. It makes it seem as if moms who end up trusting their doctor and having a c-section should feel guilty. It says that moms who had c-sections or were induced all feel "robbed" of the experience of giving birth.WTF? I can understand certainly that women who've had to had a c-section may feel sad that their birth didn't go the way they planned. But having a healthy baby should (and in most cases, does) outweigh that "robbed" feeling.

I'm so ticked off after watching this.

EDIT: Something else I wanted to add. I would have zero problem with this movie if it was presented in a way that provided pros and cons of ALL aspects of the birth process, and then they ended up choosing a homebirth. But to sit there and say that all doctors are evil and csections, epidurals, and induction have ALL these risks without a single benefit is narrow minded, judgemental, and not what I want from a documentary.

As a first time mom, I want movies that give a neutral perspective and let me make my own choices.

I rented this because I wanted to watch birth experiences. I wanted to SEE women in labor - at the hospital, at home, with or without medication, c-section or natural, and what they're going through. Are there any true birth videos out there? I'm going to have to ask my doctor or the pregnant community, I guess. I'm sure as hell not renting "the business of being born" now.

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  1. Yikes. Never heard of this movie. Don't think I'll watch it.

    You should stick with watching a Baby Story on TLC.

    If you take the Childbirth class at Emerson they show some videos of childbirth.

    Oh - unrelated but somewhat related - you should watch the movie Babies, if you haven't yet. It shows four different babies across the globe from birth throughout their first year. It's very interesting to watch the different cultures.