A question for my ladies with babies!

I'm in the lucky position of having Brad be able to be home for UP TO three full weeks after the baby is born.

He gets that first week off completely - paternity leave from his company. He then has two weeks vacation time that he could use, or could bounce between work and home.

I am opting to have him bounce around, so that he does not use all his vacation time up. Plus, my mom will be around and I am certain to have visitors too.

What I don't know is - how should I have him spread out those next couple of weeks? Half days every day for two weeks? Or working every other day (so probably Mon/Wed/Fri). I just don't really know how babies work, so what would work best - having him home for a full day at a time, or half of every day?

Obviously, since I'm not breastfeeding - he'll be able to share 100% in the baby care, so him being around would be a help.


  1. I had the luxury of Pat being home for 8 weeks after Evangeline was born, as he was still on summer vacation, so I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer. I guess based on what it's like on weekends when he has stuff to do, I would think half days would be best, so you can have a certain time each day where you can nap uninterrupted and have somewhat of a routine for yourself. It was hard for me to nap unless she was sleeping too, and I'd imagine someone else being able to do say, 2 afternoon feedings each day would be heaven.

  2. Oh man! That would be heaven, for him to be home my full maternity leave.

    I think you're probably right though, if he is home for half a day each day, then I've got time to nap in there.

    I believe once I go back to work, we're going to alternate nights - I'll get up with her one night, and he'll get up with her the next, so each of us at least get a full night's sleep.