Pregnancy Scrapbook: It's a Boy!

Lindsay came over to scrapbook yesterday. We had SO much fun catching up, and having some Chinese food for lunch. I need to see her more often, because we just talk and talk when we get together. It is nice having a friend who has a little boy that can give me some insight and advice about how to care for little Austin.

We did get lots of scrapping done, including a spread that I'm particularly proud of.

I did do a few more pages - one that shows Brad and I the weekend we conceived Austin, and then a spread of my belly pictures from weeks 9 to 17. The album is coming along quite nicely. I'm very proud of it and can't wait to decorate the nursery and have pictures from the baby shower to put in it too!


  1. I LOVE how these pages came out!
    And I loved catching up and scrapping yesterday. We definitely need to do it more often. We have to plan our shopping day soon.

    PS- I just noticed that Austin is now the size of a sweet potato! yum!

  2. Haha, I love that darn ticker.

    I know! I loved catching up with you. I am glad I get to see you again next week too :)