Pants should always have elastic waistbands.

Maternity pants rule. No, really, they RULE. I looked at them a few months ago with Shannon and was like, NO WAY am I wearing stretchy pants. But O.M.G. the comfort.

I picked up a bunch of clothes at Kohl's last night. Among them, 3 pairs of pants - 1 pair of black cords, 1 pair of brown cords, and 1 pair of jeans. Also 2 maternity tops, 1 maternity dress, and then a cape and a bright pink sweater found in the regular misses' department.

Pics of the dress & maternity tops:


 Cute shirt:

Long sleeved top I'm wearing today (LOVE):


  1. Oh - this reminds me of how I loved my maternity pants! It was a hard adjustment going back to jeans and pants that you actually had to unzip!

  2. Love all these! Super cute, and yay for super comfy! :-)