NY Trip Recap

This past weekend, Brad and I were finally able to take the anniversary trip we'd originally planned for August. We'd had to postpone it because of my morning sickness. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better and we could enjoy the trip.

We left Saturday morning, and headed to Howe Caverns. Drive was about four hours, (I drove), and we hit a Subway for lunch before the caverns. Howe Caverns was really fun. The caverns were discovered in 1842 and opened for tours in 1843. Here are some photos from our tour:

Brad and I in what they said was the prettiest room in the caverns.
 Various cavern photos. The bottom right corner is part of this long winding path that is only one person wide. That was definitely the coolest part of the caverns.
This is at the Bridal Altar. They say if you're already married and step on it, you'll go on a second honeymoon. Brad tried to keep me away but I stepped on it! :)
Brad sifting for fossils :)

After the caverns we checked in at the hotel, and headed out for dinner to a local diner. And later, we went bowling for some entertainment.

On Sunday we headed over to the Herkimer Diamond Mines. This was fun, but exhausting, and so not easy. We did find two TINY diamonds - think 1/8th of an inch or smaller...lots of chips though which might be cool to wrap in a ring. I think we'll go back in a few years and try again.

After the mines we headed home, stopping for dinner on the way. We were exhausted!

Where we were was filled with farmland. So many cows and barns and silos. Amazing! More than I've seen in Vermont, haha.


  1. This looks like an excellent time :-)
    I am jealous of your bowling!!

  2. I miss Howe Caverns, When baby is older we are so taking her! Never been to the mines, I prefer Herkimer Home when we're out that way, I do have severalgarnets from there though :)

    Great pics!

  3. What a fun trip! I'm so glad you were able to go and enjoy it!