Not so hot today

I've had far worse days, so I know I'll get through this one just fine. But I'm just "off" today. A little queasy, feeling super hungry but not really able to eat, etc. It's lingering from last night, I didn't have the best night. Again, not my worst, but just felt sick all night long. I'm unsure if it's because I ate a ton of crap this weekend (cheesecake factory guacamole, sliders, and sweet tater fries on Saturday, and then veggie tempura yesterday), or because I'm trying to wean myself off of the Zofran, and last night was night number two of not taking the evening dose.

I may have to go back to taking it at night again tonight if I don't feel better, we'll see. I'd just really like to get off of it. I don't feel bad that much anymore, so mentally, I feel like I shouldn't need it. But my body doesn't seem to allow me to stop taking it...I get queasy after a few hours without it during the day. Saturday night without it wasn't bad at all, just last night, and again, that could be lingering effects from the veggie tempura.

I had to work last night for about 3.5 hours, due to another member of our team completely fucking up last week for the close. It pissed me off to no end, and then this morning, as I'm struggling to finish up by a deadline, I'm listening to Josh discuss fantasy football for an hour, and I lost it. I told him he needed to help me or we're not making our deadline. The thing is, I would have been done with my shit on Thursday had it not been for that other team member's major, major fuckup.

Anyway, deadline was met with two minutes to spare (no exaggeration), and now I'm off to lunch to eat a salad and hopefully start feeling better!

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