Night off

Not that I do that much anyway, but typically when I get home at night I'm raring to go on some craft project. Not tonight. While in my mind I'd love to be crafting, I can feel that my body is tired and needs rest. My stomach hurts today. Not anything to worry about - but I can tell the baby is low and so I'm having discomfort, and my belly feels like I've been doing crunches.

So it's to bed with a book or to watch TV for me after I get home tonight. I'll feel much better if I get some rest vs. trying to stay up and do something creative.


  1. A night off sounds nice for you! :-)

    This morning, I got am embossing tool from Jeannette for my bday! She'd gonna teach me how to do it.. and then, you and I need to make some pretties!

  2. Oooh, which one?

    I found a video on youtube that shows you can use the, I think Sizzix, embossing blocks in combination with a pasta maker (which I have from the polymer clay days).

  3. She got me the Martha Stewart one, and some inks, powders, and stamps (Adam got me some stamps too, they both got me the vintage ones (like the key!)
    Adam got me another peacock one too!(a different one!)