My Tutorial: Bumble Bee Tags

I spent a good deal of today trying to figure out what I wanted to make, and settled on some bumble bee tags to put up on Etsy. I thought I'd finally do my own tutorial as I made them!

The tutorial is after the jump.

What you will need:

White and black card stock - two pages each
2" round hole punch
2 1/4" round hole punch OR Creative Memories circle cutters
black pigment ink pad
bumblebee stamp
fine point markers
adhesive, such as Terrifically Tacky Tape

First step, stamp your bumble bees onto the white card stock, using the black pigment ink. Let dry thoroughly to avoid smudges.

Next, flip your 2" circle punch over so you can line up the bee in the middle of the circle, and punch.

Then color in the bee with your fine point marker.

Next, using either the 2 1/4" punch or your Creative Memories circle cutter, punch/cut out a circle from the black card stock that is slightly larger than the bee circle.

Adhere the bee circle to the black circle using the Tacky Tape or your preferred adhesive.

Last step, using a black fine point marker, make dots along the outline of the white cardstock. And then you'll have your final product! You can punch a hole in the tag to use as a gift tag, or you can use this for scrapbooking.


  1. Well, you knew that I was gonna love these!
    And I doooooo!

  2. Nice job!
    I'm surprised you even have a bee stamp knowing your hatred of them :-)