Kimmy's Baby Shower

Today Lindsay and I went to a baby shower for our friend Kimmy. Kimmy is 7 weeks ahead of me - she's having a little girl! :) A girlfriend for Austin, perhaps? ;)

Anyway, I made her a card - my first that I've actually given to someone:

Here is a collage of photos from the shower - there are more on Facebook for anyone on there...

It was fun getting to see everyone again, and comparing bellies. Chi-Chi is due in 3 weeks, also with a little girl.

I didn't do much else this weekend that I haven't already blogged about. I started making a necklace last night. I'm taking process photos as I go to post on here when it is finished. I didn't get too far last night and tonight I'm just beat from the day, so I'm going to head to bed and read for a little while.

I wrote up a small to do list when I get home - mainly organizing stuff. Looking at the Creative Memories catalog made me want to organize my photos/scrapbooking stuff. But I wouldn't pay $40 for their software, no matter how awesome it might be - I can do the organizing myself, thanks. Also their organizing bins and stuff are priced kinda high too - I can pick up one of those cardboard photo organizers at Michaels for $1.50! I want to go through my photos on my computer and organize them, and then print anything that I think I'd like to scrapbook one day (like our Disney trips). I also want to pick up some filing bins (I'm hoping Xmas Tree shops has some) to store my scrapbooking papers and help organize those. And then just my miscellaneous craft stuff. When I get paid this Friday I intend to head right to Xmas Tree shops! :)

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  1. That card is sooo cute!
    Awesome job :-)
    I love the pic of the pregnant ladies all lined up! :-)