I love Kohl's, and weekend plans

I spent $49.60, and got a pair of bootcut maternity jeans, a black cardigan, and another top ($4 on clearance!) and $10 Kohl's cash.

I can't find an image of the gray top I got - it's basically 3/4 sleeve, sweater material, light gray, wide neck, tie in the front under the bust.

But here's the jeans and the cardigan (which I can wear when I'm not pregnant too!).

Got a full night planned tonight - have to run home, wash my comforter (I spilled peaches on it this morning), put up a custom Etsy listing, then we're going to Five Guys for dinner (woo!), and then I have to go to Buy Buy Baby for bedding, and baby clothes, and possibly mattresses (we need THREE - one for my cradle, one for our crib, and one for a used crib we're getting for my mom's house). Then I have to pick up a gift for someone.

Saturday I'm really hoping to get some crafting done. I want to make some cards, get some other paper goods up for sale on Etsy, and make some jewelry too, and put that up online as well. I also want to go through the current inventory and list anything not already on the store.

Sunday is my fun day! :)

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