Groceries/Food habits

Five months ago, our weekly groceries included mostly healthy items, and lots of meat and veggie dinners.

Tonight's shopping? Diced peach fruit cups, ranch Doritos, plain donuts, apple juice boxes, and Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls. I have had plain donuts every day for about two months now. And I LIVE on apple juice.

I do my best that I can to get fruits and veggies and protein into me every day. I do find that I forget my vitamins several times a week, and that I eat a LOT of boxed, pre-prepared foods. But I seriously do not have the energy or patience or even the desire to make & eat regular meals. I just try to get some good stuff in with my piles of crap. Fruits and cheeses, and I usually have 2-4 salads a week too.

Typical day for me right now is:

before getting out of bed:
Apple juice
Diced peaches
Plain donut

once at work:
Jimmy Dean bowl
string cheese
fruit snack pack (these are at least Welch's which have a full serving of fruit)

varies - either a salad with chicken, rice & beans, or soup

back at work:
fruit snack pack
Doritos or Pop Chips
String cheese stick
Yoplait Whips
occasionally a hard boiled egg, or some cookies

varies - soup, rice & beans, Elio's pizza, or eating out

snacks after dinner/before bed:
I have some V8 Frusion juice (full serving of fruits/veggies), apple juice, diced peach cup, plain donut, and sometimes I have an extra snack like cheese & crackers or an apple.

and then LOTS of water - a bottle before showering, a bottle by lunch, one with lunch, two or three after lunch, one with dinner, and another half a bottle to a full bottle before bed.

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