Ugh, not quite the appointment I was hoping for.

First off, I got there ON TIME for my appointment and ended up waiting 45 minutes to see the doctor. Ridiculous.

He was very nice, of course, but started off the appointment telling me that it looks like my placenta is low, and that he’d like to do another ultrasound at 24 weeks (to which I said yay! without thinking what that really meant, because I love seeing the baby).

A low placenta can lead to placenta previa. He’s not diagnosing me with it yet though. He said most likely the placenta won’t move by 24 weeks, so I’ll probably end up having another ultrasound at 28 weeks, but the 24 week one is so if it is previa they can catch it early.

I asked him what happens if the placenta doesn’t move, and he immediately said “c-section.” I gave a groan. I then asked about general anesthesia for c-sections, and while I can opt to have it, it’s not in the best interest of the baby or myself.

So I need to find a way to make myself comfortable with getting an epidural or spinal, and then of course, the possible c-section. He told me not to worry yet, but you all know me. I have an anxiety disorder. I’m GOING to worry.

I’m terrified of being awake during a c-section, and terrified of having a needle, any needle, in my back. (I don’t even like blood tests, but it’s much better than a needle in my spine, for fuck’s sake).

Oh, and then I asked him about traveling – since we’re going to Vegas next week. Vegas should be fine, just get up and move a lot during the flight. And stay away from smoke as much as I can there. But I also asked about my 28ish week trip to Disney, and he said that would be ok…IF I wasn’t diagnosed with placenta previa. We’ve already booked and paid for this trip (did before I got pregnant, actually), and we stand to lose several thousand dollars if we have to cancel.

I think at that point I’d send Brad and Summer down with someone else…which would break my heart but better to me than the stress of just flat out LOSING thousands of dollars.

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  1. I already commented in pregnant, but I wanted to send you *HUGS*