Fearless Formula Feeder

I started way back at the very first entry on http://fearlessformulafeeder.blogspot.com, and am going through post by post. I'm finding this so comforting, and incredibly interesting.

Interestingly, no one I know in real life, in person, has ever questioned my choice to formula feed. Several people have given me shit about it online, however. I mentioned this in a comment on a post in the pregnant community on livejournal today, which sparked someone sending me the link to Fearless Formula Feeder. I am very grateful for it.


  1. It's weird. Online, it seems that people are more inclined to be assholes simply because they're hiding behind a nameless persona. It's ridiculous. Then throw in the fact that many people online are pretty crunchy -- how many conservatives do you see prowling P101 and other comms defending the right to formula-feed. ;)

    FWIW, I was formula fed, as were both my siblings. Granted, this was mostly because my sister and I were colicky and breastmilk made us cry for DAYS, but we were raised on it nonetheless, and we're not *that* stunted. LOL

    And while I'm going to breastfeed myself, barring anything permanently standing in my way, I sure wouldn't want to defend my right to do so, and find it silly that so many women who want respect for their own choices when it comes to raising their children don't offer the same in return.

  2. I was formula fed too, as was my sister. I don't get sick that often (not compared to others around me that I see getting sick all the time). Brad was formula fed and gets a cold maybe once a year, if that. Both Brad and I were A students in school, went to great colleges, and have great jobs. So, yeah.

  3. I like the women who admit that they breast feed and cloth diaper because they (the women) are cheap and not for all the preachy reasons :)

    Of course, I personally think that, as long as your baby is loved, well cared for, fed, and clean, how you go about doing that is your own damned business. :P

  4. Yeah, I completely understand breastfeeding and cloth diapering to save money. I am already dreading the diaper/formula costs...however, we will be able to afford it, so even though I am going to cringe at the expense, I am thankful we're not in a situation of needing to do it.

    One of the things I love about this blog, is that she is a supporter of breastfeeding, and tried herself. It's just that she also supports the choice to formula feed, and feels the need to stand up for formula feeders because of the crap they tend to get from some breastfeeding advocates. I'm with her (and you)...if the baby is well cared for and gets what it needs, it shouldn't matter if a woman chooses to breastfeed or formula feed. I don't put down a woman's choice to breast feed, so don't put down my choice to formula feed. That's what her blog is about.

  5. You know, it's your choice and formuala is not the end of the world! I know online most people(especially Y!A if you've ever been there) are down right cruel about it. I breast fed and it was hard for me because I have issues with my breasts being touched (long story), much less sucked on, and I will admit that it was the most BEAUTIFUL experience that I've ever had in my life!! I had to stop because I wasn't producing enough milk and my son's kidneys were failing. The doctors told me not to give up! WTH? My son is dying and you tell me not to give him formula which would fix the problem! UGH! People! As soon as I got home and I bought a pump and pumped what I could, but I gave him formula imediately! He was 100% Better in less than a week! I tried for 3 grueling months to get his creatine (hydration) levels back to normal and couldn't! ANYWHO, long story short, people would rather my son suffer than me to give him formula and that just goes to show how much some people know. SO, you do what is right for your baby and YOURSELF! DO NOT let anyone make you feel bad for it!! CONGRATS ON THE PREGNANCY!!!!... sorry for the ramble! Sensitve subject for me to!! LOL!

  6. Jenny - that's similar to the second post (I went back through the archives to the beginning) on the Fearless Formula Feeder blog. Her son simply couldn't handle the breastmilk, wasn't gaining weight, would cry constantly. She put him on formula finally, and he thrived.

    Thank you for sharing your story with me! :) I'm so glad your son was able to bounce back and that you were smart enough to realize what he needed at that point, even though the doctors weren't.