Crib Bedding

We picked out our bedding set last night. (Bedding is ridiculously expensive - this was $190, BUT, I scored $30 off because I asked Buy Buy Baby if they took Babies R Us coupons, and they do!). Mattress was about $350, but we can get a $100 one for the crib at my mom's house. Total for bedding and mattress cost more than the crib! Crazy!

Anyway, this set was super cute, and goes with the color theme I want for the nursery (yellow walls, baby blue accents). I picked out the blue breathable bumper (this one's just decoration and won't be used for at least awhile, if at all) and this will go with it nicely.

Monkeys creep us out, but it had a cute monkey so we were ok with it. We mostly loved the parrot! :) But it's amazing how much monkey stuff was out there. We do not like monkeys!


  1. What a cute set!! It looks so nice with your crib. It's all coming together so nicely.

  2. This is not at all what I thought you'd pick! But I love it! The big blue whale is the BEST!