Crafting books from the library

I love my local library. Last year I was picking up beading books. A few months ago, it was pregnancy books. And today - it was scrapbooking and card making books. My library has a pretty substantial crafting section, and it's also part of a group of libraries, so I can request books as well from other libraries, or go to those libraries and take books out from there.

I picked up these three tonight: (note, the pics are from Amazon so you can't just click the image to look inside, LOL, but you can find them on Amazon if you want to check them out).

My plan is to take photos of (or scan) the pages that I like so that I can use the ideas at my convenience, without paying for the books! :) Genius, I say.

I encourage you to visit your local library. I found some workshop books for Brad last year, one of which he ended up buying and is using to help plan out his workshop. Before we got pregnant, I took out "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." (A book that was handy but I never would have wanted to pay for it). I just love the library!!!

How many of you visit your library regularly? What types of books do you take out?


  1. I always (or almost always) borrow books full of knitting patterns, then scan in the patterns I like, so I can get as many patterns as I want for free! I have a heap of them already, but there's no such thing as too many knitting patterns IMHO!

    Our library doesn't have many pregnancy/parenting books though (& the few they do have aren't very good - almost none are based on current or proven research), so I just borrow those from my midwife as she has most of the best ones, haha!

  2. I visit mine often with Cameron. He LOVES the library.
    It's very small, but it's part of a large group of other libraries. So like yourself, I request books often.
    Why just the other day I took out a scrapbooking book called "The Joy of Scrapbooking" It's a huge book. But I LOVE your idea about photographing the pages for ideas you like. Brilliant!

  3. Oh I took that one out several months ago, before I was starting the wedding album - that one, and there was scrapbooking your family was ENORMOUS.

  4. Yeah, Julia - I didn't take out too many of the pregnancy books - mostly just the ones similar to What to Expect - you know, From the Hips and something for a stress free pregnancy...those types. There's a lot in my library on birth though...but I haven't really had much interest in taking those out, as I can find out most of what I want online. Ha!