Christmas Stamping

I decided I am definitely making my own Christmas cards this year, and Christmas gift tags.

I picked up this set of clear stamps at Michaels this weekend.

I also have another mini holiday set with a snowman and some other wintry things on it like snowflakes, and a rubber stamp with some mistletoe. I think these would be great for the cards and tags. 
I wish I was into jewelry as much as I am into the paper stuff right now, but the desire to bead just isn't there. I mean, in my head, I'd love to be making new items, but with as little energy as I have, I just want to spend it on my newest crafting passion, the stamping. I've even put aside my wedding scrapbook (which is why I'm so thankful Lindsay is coming this weekend so I can make some more progress on that). 

I did make a cute necklace for Shannon for her birthday recently, but that's really it. I have a little over a month until our one craft show this season. I have plenty of old stock for it, and it would be good to hopefully clear out some of that so I may reduce some prices just to get them to move, but other than that I honestly don't know how much jewelry work I'll do this year. While I'd love to get new stuff on hasn't happened yet. But, I'll try!

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