Bouncy Castle. LOL.

Cut for talk of lady bits

Earlier this week I read a hilarious account by a member of pregnant about the dreaded "bouncy castle." Essentially, when mommy is trying to sleep and the baby just wants to jump around and kick her cervix and junk.

I laughed, because she did such a nice job of making it a conversation between mommy and baby.

Well, while it's still early so I'm not getting the full effect, Austin's definitely having fun with my cervix. Wednesday, I noticed that Austin was really low - causing me to pee a lot and have quite a bit of discomfort in my lower belly. Yesterday at the ultrasound, we had to stop and do the transvaginal one at the end so she could see my cervix because the baby was covering it. And boy, was he ever. On the screen I could see my cervix and this huge baby head RIGHT THERE.

And last night, I felt it. Holy geez, when I lay in bed last night, Austin just started wailing away on it, until sometime in the middle of the night when he must have finally either moved or gone to sleep. It is so uncomfortable, I cannot imagine what it will be like when he's much bigger.

And I curse the fact that I cannot describe that pain to Brad - because men don't have cervixes. But, if any of you have felt a penis hit your cervix from the outside, then you can at least somewhat relate to how this feels.

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