Baby, Crafts, Some Grossness

I feel in a much more secure place right now with regard to the baby.

First off – my initial disappointment in having a boy has completely faded. I was sad that first day, but since Friday, am now excited and embracing having this little boy in my life. I started focusing on all the positives of boys, and some of the not-so-great things about girls at the same time. Boys don’t get PMS. They don’t generally have so much drama (Summer is a drama QUEEN of epic proportions), and they love their mommies! :) I won’t have to deal with a teenage girl treating me like crap like I treated my mom and I’ve seen others treat their mom. And I’ve found some cute boy stuff while registering that I’m excited about. Plus, when we go to Disney World – he’ll get to be a Pirate!!! :)

Second – I have settled/decided on a few things. We’ve got daycare. We’ve got a pediatrician (Summer’s, who told us to just call when the baby is born and they’ll fit us in – because Summer is already a patient we’re in, even if they were closed to new patients). I’ve decided to formula feed. We will be circumcising him, we will be vaccinating him. And I finished up my baby registries (thank god, that got so annoying after awhile). I am preparing for the epidural, but not going in heart set on it – I’m going to see how things go and if I need it.

I just feel better and more relaxed just having these things planned out and decided now. I feel like I can just relax and try to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. It is nice having him move around all the time now – I’ve been feeling movement since week 16 and as of last week, he’s moving every day, for a majority of the day. Sometimes those movements hurt, like when he’s very clearly pressing on my cervix, but for the most part, it’s fun and exciting. I just can’t wait for Brad to be able to feel him from the outside.

In other news (GROSS ALERT) – It had been a full month since I’d last thrown up, but last night I lost it a bit. I’d eaten a homemade quesadilla, which was stupid, because the last time (a couple months ago) I ate a homemade quesadilla I got sick, and as with last time it made me queasy. I was fine until after I ate some homemade cookies to try to settle my stomach (what a stupid thing to do) and about a half hour later, I threw up the cookies. And I know it was cookies because it actually tasted good coming back up. EW. Shannon once told me she threw up an entire meal that still tasted good and I wasn’t sure I believed her, because all my pukes have always been super acidic and gross. But not last night. Last night tasted (and felt, consistency wise) like throwing up cookie dough. SO GROSS. Feeling good this morning though, so just a fluke thing due to what I had for dinner. Sucks but I’m not afraid to throw up anymore, and I get over it real quick.

I did do a little crafting last night before I got sick. I tried making one of these bracelets, and while I finally got the wire through it, it came out hideous and awful. I also made just a real quick sample of one of these but I can’t figure out how she does her ribbon closures. I think you have to punch holes through each point and tie the ribbon through, so I’ll try that. They’re super cute. Trying to find a good use for them though.

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