Almost one week left...

My ultrasound is set for next Thursday, the 14th. We should hopefully find out the sex of the baby if he/she is being cooperative.

I can't help it. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want a girl. And I know that I'm going to be upset and disappointed and most likely cry if I'm told it's a boy. I know that when that baby arrives, I'll love it no matter what...but I also know that this will be my only child (unless we adopt) and all my life I've wanted a little girl.

I think it's going to be a boy, but the only reason I think it's a boy is because I want a girl so badly, that I don't think life could be fair enough to give me the girl I want so desperately.

I just want to know. Waiting for this ultrasound is excruciating.


  1. I hope life is fair enough to give you the girl you want so desperately! After all this all day sickness, you deserve to get the sex you want!