I spent part of yesterday scrolling through the heartburn tag on the pregnant community, and found a couple of suggestions that seem to help. Yesterday my heartburn was bad all day, and never went away until the middle of the night. But, two suggestions helped to ease it a bit.

One was trying Gaviscon, as opposed to Tums. It tastes like burning ass, to be honest, but it did the trick. I took a swig before trying to sleep for the night and it soothed the heartburn.

The other was a pregnancy body pillow. I went to several stores, searching, with no luck (only finding those regular body pillows that are just like really long bed pillows). Until SarahBeth suggested Babies R Us, and low and behold - they had one!

Meet Snoogle, the most awesome thing ever for a pregnant lady.

You can adjust it into something like 10 different positions, and they give you a diagram of the important ones. I was able to fold it over itself and sit up while watching TV, then I wrapped it under my head, along my side, and between my legs for some comfy side sleeping, and then around 3am when I woke up and had some trouble getting back to sleep, I again folded it over itself but in a manner that allowed me to comfortably lay on my back while propped up. I like that it keeps my head in a comfy position, when a normal pillow I'm struggling to figure out if I want my head straight or to the side or what.


  1. I had something like that in college. Loved it.

  2. I am so glad you found it and it works for you :)