Small daycare update

While talking with my boss behind closed doors today about something else (good, and unexpected, don't worry!), I decided to bite the bullet and ask him about working from home on Fridays. He was really nice about it, but didn't think it was really something we could work out on a long term basis, without me having to go part time, and I didn't want to do that. He said if it was temporary he could probably work it out but since it would be for several years it's not really an option. Which is fine.

So I contacted Knowledge Beginnings, where Summer had gone, and they do have spots open for just one day a week. She gave me an estimate of $135 per week (yikes!), and I've set up a tour with them next Wednesday morning to check them out, and get on a waiting list.


  1. Wow, that seems high for just one day a week. Is there a decelerated rate for more days per week [1 day = $135, 2 days = $200, etc]?

  2. It's one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive daycares locally, but its next door to my work, and summer went there. I believe it is cheaper per day the more days you do but since I only am paying my mom $100 a week for the other four days, it doesn't make sense to add days at daycare.