Shutterfly, routines, blah

I managed to finish up that free photo book on Shutterfly last night. Of course, I didn't realize they were going to charge me $8 for shipping. $8! For standard shipping! Ridiculous. But whatever, I'd spent several days doing the damn thing, I just went through with it and paid the $8. I ended up doing a Vegas album, with a few pictures from all of our trips. I had initially wanted to do a Vegas scrapbook but realized after doing this that other than 2009 (which I already made a scrapbook for) and 2010, I really don't have many good pictures from prior trips. So, I'll probably just make a scrapbook for 2010 at some point and subsequent trips, and go with that.

I'm tired of this routine of waking up at 6am after struggling to stay in bed/asleep all night, having to sip my breakfast shake, take my Zofran, and watch the same episodes of Full House or Step by Step every morning until I take a shower for work. I'm tired of figuring out what to eat and when, so that I don't feel hungry or nauseated. I'm tired of feeling sick as I fall asleep at night. Tired of waking up to pee and struggling to get back to sleep in the middle of the night. Tired of it all. I'm ready to feel better. I'm ready to want real food again. I'm ready to be able to do actually get something done around the house! Pregnancy so far has been the most miserable I've ever been in my whole life. I'm so not doing it ever again. Can I fast forward to March 19th and have the baby already?


  1. I did my book on Evangeline's first day (and was also shocked by the shipping, holy hell)

    *HUG* I wish I had some miracle to make this easier on you. *HUG*

  2. I bet that book came out so cute! :)

    It IS getting better (even though I had two days of puking this week), it just sucks so much. And I hate being a big whiny complaining crumbum all the time.

  3. Have you used Shutterfly before? I'm thinking of using them to make a book, so I'd like to know how the quality of the pages/books are.

    I worked from home on Tuesday and Wednesday this week because I was sick, so I watched Full House in the mornings, too. I was dismayed when I realized yesterday's shows were a repeat of the shows on Tuesday.

  4. Full House is on from 6-9, and the episodes from 7:30 to 9 are repeated the next day from 6 to 7:30.

    Yes, I've used Shutterfly before. I ordered several photobooks for my bridal party & parents after the wedding, a very large photobook for myself, and then this hardcover one that I'm getting free.

    I feel that the quality is equal to the price. The smaller photobooks (softcover, with a cutout in the front to show the photo from page 1 showing through) were great. The large one I did had probably too many pages for a softcover book, and the cover has started pulling away (but seriously, I think I had like, 80 pages when they normally come with 20).

    I've also had photos printed through them - the quality is mid-level. They're not as nice as if you printed camera photos through CVS, but for 10 cents a print if you prepay, I can't complain, they're cheaper than CVS or printing at home. They're better quality than printing at home, too, as the ink doesn't smudge off like it does sometimes at home.

  5. Thanks for clearing up the Full House mystery for me. I wonder why they do that - it's not like there aren't enough episodes to cycle through! I guess I just happened to catch it during the repeat times - yesterday I was hoping to go into the office, so I woke up earlier and started the day earlier. I'll have to remember this pattern for the next time I'm sick.

    I knew you had done books before, though I couldn't remember if it was through Shutterfly or not. I'm putting together a photo book for my aunt's 50th birthday in a couple of weeks and need to figure out which company to go with. I'll probably do hardcover, so Shutterfly would work well.

  6. I've heard some good things about Snapfish too, and I compared the two at one point, but I don't recall why I didn't go with Snapfish. Either not enough options or price. Plus, Shutterfly has coupons all the time. You get free prints for signing up, the are coupon codes on retailmenot that often work for free shipping or more free prints, etc.

  7. I'm all about coupon codes. I buy stuff online more than I do in brick and mortar stores because of the coupon codes!

  8. I actually got a gift card with my new baby kit from the hospital too, they are awesome with the specials.

    I had Evangeline's birth announcements done through them. They are so pretty and I saved more than I spent. You'll get them as soon as I buy stamps girls :)