Morning sickness continues, apparently.

I had thought that the morning sickness was gone, until today I tried not taking my regular dose of Zofran in the morning and ended up a bit nauseated and gagging mid-morning. Oh well. I guess I'm just not ready to come off it yet. I'll probably discuss this with the OB next week.

Still queasy at night, and even the Zofran doesn't help that. I haven't figured out any kind of cure for the nighttime nausea. It starts around the time I'm about to leave work for the day. Some nights it makes me throw up, others I can somehow manage to suffer through it until I fall asleep. I've been feeling pretty great when I wake up in the mornings, at least. New routine is sipping apple juice, followed by some peaches or pears in a fruit cup, then a plain doughnut or blueberry muffins.

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  1. They need to start calling it 24/7 Sickness instead of morning sickness, just for you! ugh!