More unpleasantness

I've decided to start putting the unpleasant stuff under a jump, so that if you don't want to read it, you don't have to ;) I'm using this blog as a way to document my pregnancy, and I realize that some of you may get tired of hearing about it.

Anyway, I threw up again last night, around 11pm, as usual. This is a pattern now, and I'm quite tired of it. Though I'm getting used to throwing up (meaning, I really don't fear it as much as I used to), and while I can manage to not feel nauseous most of the day, it's frustrating and tiring to wake up in the middle of the night, throw up what little is in your stomach a couple of times, and then struggle to get back to sleep afterwards. Poor Brad slept on the couch last night because I wasn't sure if I was going to keep getting up and I didn't want him to have to listen to me puking.

It's just confusing, because overall I'm feeling much better. But heartburn's hit pretty strong, and I fear the Zantac is actually making the vomiting worse. It's like, a no win situation. I either suffer with painful heartburn, or I take Zantac, puke it up, and get more heartburn. I'm not enjoying this.

And I'm still constipated. I have taken one (normal dose is two but I'm afraid) Senekot tablet for the past two nights, and it's getting a little out but not much. And I read that when you're constipated, digestion is much slower and leads to more heartburn.

When does that 2nd trimester, smooth sailing part begin? When can I start enjoying being pregnant? Hmmm?

EDIT: Threw up at lunchtime (at home), and then again a couple hours later at work. I swear, it's becoming "old hat." Haha. Not that I enjoy it, but it's much easier to go, puke, and then clean up and move on with my day now than it used to be.

Oh, and I can eat and drink, so I just keep shoveling it in (slowly) in hopes that some of it gets absorbed before another round of puking. I think I might have thrown up my vitamins today though :(


  1. Well, I've certainly never heard of anyone enjoying being pregnant, so I dunno if you can ever expect that!:-)

    But, aside from my Mom, I've never met anyone who was as sick as you either... so even some in-between would be a nice relief, I'm sure!

    I'm so sorry you had another rough night :-( You were so productive yesterday, I thought you'd snooze like a log! :-)

  2. I know, me too :( But it was the same on Saturday. Super productive, and then at night, vomiting. Sucks!

    Also, because I had to end up sleeping super propped up, my sciatica is really acting up today and I'm like, limping around!