Since the start of pregnancy, I've had a hard time sleeping through the night. Early on, the Unisom would allow me to get more sleep than without it, but it made me sick if I didn't fall asleep right away after taking it, so I stopped taking it.

Now, I can't doze off until after 10pm, I wake up at 11ish and throw up, and then I can get some sleep, but wake up somewhere around 2am, toss for hours, and finally get back to sleep, only to wake up at 6am and have to get up right then and eat something. Last two mornings (Monday and Sunday), upon waking, I've thrown up. So i get it on both ends of the evening.

The snoogle helps to keep my body comfortable, but I still have issues with bad acid reflux/heartburn, and I think that's most of what's causing the late night vomiting.

I did manage, after throwing up last night, to get to sleep, in a position with the snoogle that I stayed in most of the night and did alright. i had to wrap the snoogle around my head, down my back and between my legs, and then take my regular pillow and stuff it under my stomach, and lay on my right side.

It's just tough. I think I could deal with insomnia if it wasn't accompanied by being so sick to my stomach. I have tried not eating before bed, and then I feel super hungry before going to sleep, so I wake up and throw up, and last night I tried eating a PB sandwich before bed, which had been suggested to me, and still threw up. I can't win.

And it is driving me bananas.

EDIT: Shannon reminded me - one of the other things affecting my ability to stay asleep are horrible leg cramps! After just a couple hours on my side, I get these shooting pains down my leg/hips. Only way to relieve them is to roll back onto my back. Which is something I won't be able to do once the baby gets bigger, because they say you aren't supposed to sleep on your back later in pregnancy. 


  1. If only these damn symptoms came one at a time, and not just piling up. it seems just unbearable :-(

  2. I didn't even mention the leg cramps! After a couple hours on my side, I get these horrible shooting pains down my leg. Apparently, that's also super normal.

  3. I had really bad cramps and charlie horses and was told to take potassium to help them. Ask your OB if it's ok for you of course. Also melatonin can help with sleeplessness (again if OB says it's ok)

    love you, feel better

  4. Ok, cool. I have an appointment in 2 weeks, if things continue I'll discuss it with the doctor then. :)

  5. Drinking TONS more water than you think possible and increasing your potassium intake help with leg cramps - I notice I get them more often when I haven't been drinking as much water.

    Also, the closer to sitting up you can sleep [and sleep on your back], the less you'll have to deal with acid reflux.

  6. Gena - yeah, I definitely already drink a ton of water, but you're most likely right about the potassium - I've only been able to stomach bananas the past couple of days. Maybe that will help as I can eat them more.

    I do already sleep pretty close to sitting up - propped up with a stack of 2-3 pillows. Unfortunately though, it gets uncomfortable... :(