I have definitely been having those crazy pregnancy dreams everyone talks about.

Last night...was definitely the weirdest. Even weirder than dreaming my baby came out the size of a goldfish and I dropped it and lost it because it was so small.

Yes, I dreamt that my husband's penis grew another penis...a long skinny one off the side of the regular penis...and it had a huge head and tried to eat me. Yes, it tried to fucking EAT ME.



  1. I dreamt that the baby was a kitten a couple times. I also had a fish dream, but in mine it was a trout or some other medium sized fishie.

    When baby was human in my dreams it was always a boy, when it was an animal it was a girl. Weird.

  2. Hahah that is scary! And maybe it verifies my It's A Boy theory! :-) 2 penises in the Whittaker house!

  3. Holy crap that's a terrifying dream.