I put up the magnets and set of 10 cards on Etsy today. I created some new sections and updated the banner to remove the "unique, handmade jewelry" description. I had initially thought about creating a separate Etsy store, and I may one day, but for now, as I have 100% positive feedback (and quite a bit of it) plus lots of sales on the current shop, I thought I would build on that.

I'm now moving on to making more sets of magnets, and then perhaps some other types of cards :)


  1. I hope we get to do crafties together soon! :-)
    I so love everything you've done lately!

  2. Aw, thanks. But, I love the cards you sent me pictures of more!


  3. haha I don't... I finished two and envelops to match.. I'll send you the pic! :-)

    I can do a set of those thank you ones if you like, to list? I have matching envelopes already, too.

  4. Oh that's cool - if you'd like to make a set, go for it! :)

    If you have the packaging from the envelopes or cards just write down any details about the paper for me (for listing purposes - acid free or what weight it is, anything like that)...but if you don't then don't worry about it! :)

    I'm annoyed because I have 20 of a really cool colored blank card I could use for stamping but I don't have matching envelopes. I'm going to have to check Michaels for them.

  5. Ok! I will make up some :-) I will def write down the info I have. I don't think I have any for the paper, but I have the original box for the envelopes! My envelopes are the ones from Ali's stuff I think.. so they are off-white, 5x7. If that helps with yours?
    I am gonna need to order more for her thank you cards too.. so I'll have extra from those too!
    probably those in pure white.