Baby Names

I am so picky about what to name this baby. I have FEW names that I really like. I scroll through lists and lists of names and hate 99% of them.

But, we have picked two girl names, a front runner, and a backup if we look at her (assuming it's a her) and it doesn't work.

Front Runner: Tuesday Nicole Whittaker
Backup: Candace Nicole Whittaker

Nicole is going to end up being the middle name if it is a girl. Brad wanted Summer to be named Summer Nicole, and Terry decided when she was born that it was going to be her maiden name instead. Tuesday is a name Brad always loved for a baby girl. I'd been tossing it in my head for years...thinking maybe it could be a middle name, because I was concerned about teasing. However, I posted in the baby names community, and the majority of people liked/loved it, and 3 people, plus Shannon, personally know someone named Tuesday.

So there you have it, our girls names. Again, if for some reason, I spot a name I like better, we can change it, but I don't expect it to change.

On to boys names.


  1. I have never met a Tuesday before, I really like it with Nicole (which is funny because I used to love Nicole, then met one I hated and hated the name, and now I'm getting to love it again, since I never have to see her again lol. Still don't like it with an h in it though.). It's unusual without being weird, which I like. Also, it's a first name that will never be spelled wrong which is awesome. Candace has a nice ring to it too :)

  2. Oh yeah, Brad never told me how he liked it spelled, but I do not like Nichole at all (probably because I knew a bitchy Nichole in high school!), so it's definitely Nicole, no H. :)