15 weeks - Belly progression so far

I feel huge today, for being 15 weeks, 2 days. I'm wearing a fairly tight thin sweater at work and my belly now really looks pregnant. Which I guess is nicer than looking fat. I am amazed that the belly is so big already, but then again, I am almost 4 months along! I'm going to hit Target this week for some maternity pants/tops. It's that time already. It's been almost 6 weeks since I've been able to button my regular pants. I wear a little hair elastic around the button and button hole to keep them up, and just make sure to wear long tops so no one knows!

Here's my belly the weekend day after we conceived.

And the progression pics I've taken so far:


  1. 4 months sounds nuts! There is a baby in there... and I CAN SEE IT!

  2. It's definitely obvious that you're pregnant now! How exciting!

    Are you going to take out your belly button ring, or keep it in?

  3. Oh, I'll be taking it out probably after my dr appointment tomorrow. I'm just scared to do so. I don't mind it closing up (I honestly wish I'd never gotten it pierced). I haven't changed it since I was like, 19...touching my belly button makes me soooo nauseated. (This was even before being pregnant), so I'm afraid to take it out! Anyway, I just want to ask my OB about how to keep it from getting infected.