Teen Mom, and More Allergies

New girl is going to make me go insane. I've been here for 20 minutes and it's been cough, cough, cough, clear throat, clear throat, clear throat constantly. She is literally 3 feet from me (just a cube wall between us). I am NOT going to be able to deal with this for long.

Change of subject - Teen Mom is entertaining, and at the same time, stresses me out. Macy is the only one I like, because she seems to genuinely care for her child as a mom should. But the others? OMG.

***Spoiler Alert***

This week, mom of the year Farrah decides to sell her car on Craigslist. She sells it for $5K, and the dude sends her a check for $8K - she needs to "wire $3K to cover the cost of shipping the car." Right then, I KNEW she was being scammed. But she didn't. Nope. She didn't even wait for the check to clear (IDIOT), and wired 3K of her own money (which, as it turns out, she didn't even have) by Western Union or whatever, and after she did that, she found out the check was rejected. She can't get the 3K back. She ALMOST sent the car too! Dude, common sense - when you sell something via check, you wait for the damn check to clear first! She is so stupid. Last week (or maybe the week before), she left 1 year old Sophia by herself in a bath in the kitchen sink. The baby turned on the hot water and burned herself.

The two that adopted their baby out used to be a cuteish couple. This season, they're breaking up constantly. She's a crying mess, and he's turning out to be the biggest dick, completely full of himself, demanding phone records from her. She apologized for something she did, he accepted it and took her back, and then he just keeps bringing it up. I believe, in life, when you accept someone's apology, you need to move on, and not keep making that person feel like shit for it over and over again.

And then there's Amber and Gary. I think they've broken up every episode, and every episode ends with them getting back together. Gary saying he loves her and wants to marry her, and Amber saying "but Garrrryyyyy, things have to change!" And they don't, and they keep fighting, and they keep breaking up. It's ridiculous to watch. And yet, it's all so entertaining!


  1. Oh my God, I'm so glad someone else watches this show and gets as much entertainment out of it as I do. I had to hurry up and catch the last episode online, since I missed it, so I could read your spoiler alert without spoiling the episode for myself.

    I agree about Maci; she's literally the only girl on the show who has a decent head on her shoulders. A little common sense and sacrifice go a long way.

    Amber, my God, has always bugged the crap outta me. She's whiny, moody, and unreasonable. Gary hasn't been super stellar as of late, but I can understand how a person's patience can be worn pretty thin by a woman like Amber. Oh, and I'm no language prude, but I cringe every time she drops a loud F-bomb in front of Leah. Get some class, babycakes, am I right?

    Catelynn and Tyler... I don't know. Obviously, they're way too young to be engaged, but their family lives are such train wrecks that I think them having each other is what keeps them sane.

    And oh, Farrah... Where to begin? I'm always waiting for Sophia to hurt herself (bath scene, falling off the bed, etc.); it's nerve wracking. I'm trying to like Farrah a little more this season (or just dislike her a little less), since I think she's done some pretty grownup things for herself, and I do feel bad that she got screwed with that craigslist scam... but her reason for "needing" a different car? "We need a sun roof and automatic locks." WHAT?! I don't see how, in her situation, those two things are priorities.

  2. I ALMOST felt a little bad for Farrah when she was talking about the father of her baby dying a few episodes back. But only for that. She's just such a bad mom! How about her yelling at Sophia to stop crying when they had their first night alone in the house across the street from her mom's?

    I hate her mom too, though. She's a major enabler (watching Sophia while Farrah went out partying) but at least she was giving that baby what it needed! Her mom's voice just drives me bananas though. "Farraaaaahhhh" in that nasaly tone.

    Gary drives me just as batty as Amber. Amber is a bitch, but Gary is such an asshole. And he has no neck! I wouldn't put up with what he did a few episodes back - leaving Amber for a day to see if he wanted to date someone else. That was so wrong.

  3. Oh, for sure, Farrah's whole family is batty. I mean, I know most people on Earth have their issues, but that's one of the most dysfunctional, crazy families ever. It's creepy, almost. The dad's a wuss, gets stepped on by everyone. Mom's overbearing and then pretends like she has no idea what's going on. Farrah is just mean little thing.

    And, yes, Gary... poor, unfortunate-looking fellow. I'm pretty shocked Amber did give him a second (third? fourth? fifth? one-hundred-twenty-second?) chance after that whole "other woman" ordeal.

    I know it's an effed up way of looking at it, but I feel pretty good about my life after watching an episode of Teen Mom.

  4. I watched a few episodes of this last season, almost got hooked, but something else was on when it was and I lost track. Keep putting your spoilers in so I can "watch" it vicariously through you. I worry about those poor children though...