Some good news

I talked to the manager at the hotel that we had a reservation at this weekend, and she allowed me to change the date of our reservation. So, we're headed to New York the weekend of October 2nd. I'll be 16 weeks by then, so hopefully the morning sickness will be gone and I'll have hit that second trimester burst of energy everyone talks about. (Ha).

Brad's and Summer's birthdays are tomorrow. :) Brad will be 41 and Summer will be 14. I am unsure the exact plans - I picked up a gift card for Brad for his birthday, since he asked for half the money towards a tool he wants, and then I'm supposed to be taking him to dinner (though, since we're both off tomorrow, it may turn out to be lunch instead).

And then Saturday is our official 10 year anniversary together. :) I think the plan is just to hang out for the weekend, perhaps see a movie or just play some games together. Relaxing. :)


  1. I am so thrilled that they let you change the date. That is awesome :)

    Happy 10 years sweet girl!!

  2. The new restaurant over here, British Beer Company is really good. A little iffy on the service since they've only been open a week, but the food is really good. Might be a bit too heavy for you, but, just a suggestion if you wanted to take him some place new! :-)

  3. Whew! Glad the manager was able to work something out with you.

  4. Glad they allowed you to change the dates! You better not still be feeling sick then! :-)

    Happy birthdays! How cool that their ages are reversed- 41 and 14.

    Happy early anniversary, too! Ten years is a big deal.