Small (but for me, big) victories...

These are technically minor improvements but for me, they're kind of a big deal.

One, I had two bm's yesterday and today, and today was without having to take Colace the night before. That means stuff is moving, and I feel slightly less bloated.

Two, I can now manage to not have to carry my puke bucket around with me all day long. I bring it down in the morning, and keep it near my bed at night, but it's solely a mental comfort. I haven't had to use it, and during the day/evening I don't even need to have it with me.

Three, it has been exactly a week since I threw up last. Of course, the pattern of the first 3 weeks has been one really bad day per week, so that could still be coming this week.

That being said, food is still completely unappealing, even though I can eat. I still gag at the thought or sight or smell of specific items (like bananas, and my breakfast shakes). And going to bed at night is the worst. The second I lay down I feel the most nauseous of all, and its hard to fall asleep and ignore it. Sigh...


  1. I remember when I caught the JJS Flu (we called it that as *everyone* at my firm fell incredibly ill the week before they were supposed to start work -- probably should have been a decent warning sign, huh?), and I felt AWFUL every night. Never threw up, but I sure as shit wanted to.

    Are you still taking anti-nausea pills at night? You might want to keep doing that! :)

  2. I take the Rx nausea meds first thing in the morning - I don't feel that the nausea is bad enough the rest of the day to warrant another dose (unless I throw up, like a week ago). I do, however, take 1/2 a Unisom at night, which is supposed to actually help with the nausea. The nighttime nausea hasn't really changed since I started taking the Unisom, but I can sleep better through the night than I could before I was taking it (it was tough making it through the night before - constantly waking up and very sick each time, I wasn't getting enough sleep which was making the nausea worse).

    Just one day at a time, I guess. I just wish I had like, even a few hours where I felt really good, but I never have that. All day and all night, even with the meds, there's always a lingering queasiness. Sometimes it feels like being motion sick. Sometimes it feels like having the flu. Most of the time it feels like either I ate something bad that's not settling well, or that I'm super hungry and can't find something to eat.

  3. Aw, hon. I'm so sorry. :( I'm glad you can sleep better, though! That definitely helps when you're feeling ill, to get a good amount of sleep.

    Yeah, I can only imagine what that's like (not that I want to, haha). I hope whatever you're doing is working well enough for you to at least keep food down and actually want to eat. It sounds like it, so here's to hoping it just gets better from here. :)