Quick Peek!

I don't have time to do a full post, but wanted to at least put something up before bed tonight. Here are two pictures from Debbi & Rob's wedding. I'll do a full post tomorrow or Tuesday.


  1. That location looks really sweet! and nice weather, whew! :-) Hope you had fun!

  2. You would have hated it though. It was SO hot in the sun. Thankfully, we had to sit in direct sunlight for just the 20 minutes or so for the ceremony, but that was all it took to have sweat pouring down my legs (and I don't usually sweat much). The sun was in our eyes and just so hot. After the ceremony, the cocktail hour was indoors and in A/C, and then the reception was under a tent, so not too bad. But yeah, you would have been like "get me out of here!"

  3. Aw, beautiful! I especially love the chuppah (or whatever it's called in non-Jewish vernacular, lol).

    Blech, though, I hear you on sweat pouring down your legs! Especially irritating if you've just shaved, as the salt of your sweat will make them ITCH. At least... they make mine. ;)